b. 1986, HK.

Caroline is a visual storyteller and documentarian.


With a degree in Video Journalism and Asian American Studies from Northwestern University, she hopes to use her education to highlight the voices of those often pushed to the margins and build up archives of stories that are not usually deemed important enough for formal recording. She’s a photojournalist, director of photography and impact producer. Her past projects include capturing stories for an oral history archive of stories of Native Americans living in Chicago (housed at the Newberry Library), producing a documentary about a cumbia band of undocumented immigrants who sing about their status to uplift their community organize for change, and filming for a documentary TV show in Johannesburg, South Africa that focused on stories of hope within a city still experiencing the aftershock of apartheid. 

She is passionate about making both the media industry and the way we access information more accessible. Caroline previously worked at Free Spirit Media, a media education non-profit that works to equip young people of color with the tools to craft their own narratives. She’s now a photojournalism fellow at City Bureau, and a producer, cinematographer and editor for Skill Scout, an organization dedicated to telling meaningful workplace stories and making the job application more accessible through video storytelling.